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Product Detail

RDT module SlimCom

  • Sleek aluminum housing for installation in level tubes from 2“ pipe diameter
  • Autonomous power supply with standard size C batteries
  • Possibility of connecting different types of antennas
  • Optionally available with integrated 4G/LTE modem (SlimCom 4G) or LTE-M modem (SlimCom LTE-M)

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Low power consumption through intelligent power management = higher battery life = lower maintenance intervals = lower operating costs.

Low maintenance:
Operation with commercially available 1.5 V baby cells or 3.6 V lithium batteries for service lives of up to 5 years*)
*) depending on measurement and transmission interval. Example: hourly measurement of water level and water temperature, 1 x daily remote data transmission via LTE-M

Ideal for small diameter pipes and for underground measurement sites; comparative measurements with an electric contact gauge can be performed without removing the SlimCom.

SlimCom can easily be combined with Dipper-PT/PTEC to provide a remote measuring station transferring data directly to your workplace.  Where reception is poor, or in locations where underground installation is required, a variety of different antennas are available.

Last but not least:
With the password-protected web portal SEBA Hydrocenter data is not only safe, but also accessible at any time on the road or from the office. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of simple data provision on a secure SEBA FTP server.

  • Construction site supervision, difficult-to-access measurement sites (e.g. underground measurement sites) as well as measurement sites that require rapid data actualisation or are of major public interest
  • Monitoring of retention basins and watercourses
  • Monitoring of groundwater measurement stations starting with a 2″ pipe diameter
  • Cost optimisation by reduction of measurement site visits.
Operating software:

SEBA Modem Configurator

Operating Unit:



5dB angle-rod antenna

Special rod antenna for underground installations

Puck antenna

Retrieval software:


WEB portal:

SEBA Hydrocenter


Interface cable (USB, RS232)

Measuring device protection:

SEBA Bearing Tube Closure with plastic insert and a safety closure

SEBA Bearing Tube Closure with a puck antenna and a safety closure


RDT module for remote data transmission via the mobile phone network. Compatible with

Dipper-(A)PT and Dipper-PTEC

Transmission options:

2G/LTE/LTE-M polling and configuration access via SHWP

FTP push: ZRXP, D-channel, CSV or ACRON

SMS alarm in case of limit violation (SlimCom 4G)

SlimCom 4G:
Supported networks:



800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz (Worldwide)

SlimCom LTE-M:
Supported networks:

LTE Cat M1 with 2G fallback

Frequencies 2G:

B2 (1900) B3 (1800) B5 (850) B8 (900)

Frequencies 4G:

B1 (2100), B2 (1900), B3 (1800), B4 (AWS 1700), B5 (850), B8 (900), B12 (700), B13 (700), B18 (800), B19 (800), B20 (800), B26 (850), B28 (700)


Pluggable, SMA connector, robust and weatherproof (connection of external antenna possible)


1x RS 232 interface for configuration, 1x RS 485 interface for connection of Dipper-PT/PTEC, Option: Bluetooth by SEBA BlueCon RS232 module

SMS alarm:

8 x SMS alarm to mobile phones, SMS alarm to facsimile

Time slots:

Freely programmable

Power supply:

1. Standard: 4 x 1,5V alkaline-manganese batteries C-size, 2. Option: 4 x 3,6V Lithium batteries C-size

Operating temperature:


Storage temperature:





Ø 35 mm, length 448 mm

Protection class:

Standard version: IP67 (in mated condition)

Flood-proof version:

IP68 (in mated condition)