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Data Logger LogCom/FlashCom

  • Robust, compact multi-channel data logger with an integrated cellular modem
  • Impact-resistant aluminum housing with threaded connector, optimised for level tubes of 4 ” diameter
  • Either with an external battery or integrated solar module (type FlashCom)
  • LCD with three multi-function buttons to display current measured values and system state (Option: Backlit LCD)
  • Transfer Options: Data retrieval via mobile network, FTP Push, TCP push, SMS push, SMS Alarms
  • Can be connection to DS(T) 22MPS-PTEC/D8/K16 and other external sensors

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Low energy consumption through intelligent power management = higher battery life = lower maintenance intervals = lower operating costs.

Low maintenance:
Power supply with commercial 1.5 V batteries (LogCom) or as an autonomous system with integrated solar cells and an internal battery (FlashCom)

Easy to install:
The LogCom/FlashCom is equipped with a 4″ threaded connector. Just as the SEBA cap, the measurement system can be easily mounted and fixed onto the existing sounding pipe. For larger diameter pipes up to 6 ” appropriate adapters (reductions) are available.

Depending on the measurement task, up to 32 logical channels can be managed in the logger. Thus, it is possible, for example, to connect 16 digital SEBA-pressure / temperature DS(T) 22 sensors, or three MPS-D8 multiparameter sensors using an internal RS485 interface. In addition, with the help of an external A/D converter, up to eight analog sensors can be connected.

Upon reaching predefined event thresholds, e.g. in the case of  flooding, the LogCom/FlashCom  automatically shortens both the measurement and the transmission interval. Regardless, an alarm SMS can be sent to up to eight recipients.

Two clever APPs are available for configuration and data read-out of LogCom/FlashCom. Operating software for beginners SEBA Config (Windows) a comfortable user interface (Wizard) for various routine tasks. SEBA SEBA ConfigAPP (Android, iOS) combined the BlueCon 2 Bluetooth® module makes to communication  via Bluetooth very convenient with either a smartphone or tablet and the data logger.

Last but not least:
With the password-protected web portal SEBA Hydrocenter data is not only safe, but also accessible at any time on the road or from the office. Alternatively, there is also the possibility of simple data provision on a secure SEBA FTP server.

  • Site supervision, monitoring of thermal plumes, discharge monitoring
  • For the monitoring of landfill sites, contaminated sites or monitoring stations that require rapid data actualisation or sites that are of major public interest
  • Monitoring of retention basins and watercourses; groundwater monitoring starting from 3″ diameter pipes
  • Cost optimisation by reducing visits to measurment sites
Mounting accessories:

3″, 5″, 5″ Adapter

Operating software:

SEBAConfig (Windows)

SEBA Modem Configurator

SEBAConfigApp (Android, iOS)

Operating Unit:


Data readout:

Interface cable (USB, RS232)

BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth)


Retrieval software:


Evaluation software:


Archiving Software:


WEB portal:

SEBA Hydrocenter


DS (T) -22










LogCom: 32Bit Flash controller with integrated WatchDog

RTC-IC Real-Time Clock

FlashCom: 32Bit Flash controller with integrated WatchDog

RTC-IC Real-Time Clock

Memory capacity:

LogCom: 16 MB (=1.120.000 measuring values)

FlashCom: 16 MB (=1.120.000 measuring values)

Save interval:

LogCom: 2min – 99 hours

FlashCom: 2min – 99 hours


LogCom: max. 32

FlashCom: max. 32

Measurement routines:

LogCom: single value, average value, event clock, Delta Mode

FlashCom: single value, average value, event clock, Delta Mode


LogCom: RS232 (standard), Bluetooth (optional)

FlashCom: RS232 (standard), Bluetooth (optional)


LogCom: Interface cable (USB/RS232), BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth)

FlashCom: Interface cable (USB/RS232), BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth)


LogCom: digital: 1 x RS485 (SHWP) for digital SEBA sensors, 1 x pulse

analog: 2 x 0-1V, 0/4-20mA

FlashCom: digital: 1 x RS485 (SHWP) for digital SEBA sensors, 1 x pulse

analog: 2 x 0-1V, 0/4-20mA



LogCom: cast aluminum

FlashCom: cast aluminum


LogCom: Ø168mm, height 133mm

FlashCom: Ø168mm, height: 220mm


LogCom: 3-line LCD display

FlashCom: 3-line LCD display


LogCom: 3 multi-function buttons

FlashCom: 3 multi-function buttons

Protection class:

LogCom: IP67

FlashCom: IP67


LogCom: 4″ Whitworth internal thread

FlashCom: 4″ Whitworth internal thread


Modem 4G:
Supported networks:



800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz (Worldwide)

Current consumption:

140mA/12V send/receive; 10mA idle

FTP push:

ZRXP, D-Channel, CSV or ACRON format

SMS data push:

binary format


Power supply:

LogCom: 6 x 1.5V alkaline manganese Size D* batteries

(* Suspended battery compartment)

FlashCom: solar cells with a buffer battery


Operating temperature:

LogCom: -40 – +85°C

FlashCom: -40 – +65°C