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CK-14 CODEVINTEC is a hydrographic drone of small size and low draft. Its technical characteristics make it suitable for carrying out underwater surveys and bathymetric surveys even in shallow waters such as subcoast, in ports, rivers and lakes, but also the basins of quarries, mines or purification plants. In suitable weather conditions, the CK-14 marine drone can also be used offshore. The draft of only 20cm also makes it suitable for reaching points where traditional boats could not reach.

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Displacement hull

Together with the design according to nautical principles, they give excellent buoyancy and maneuverability and above all plenty of space and protection for the instrumentation.

Small dimensions 140 cm x 90 cm

Reduced measures to be transported with a normal sedan.

Weight of 15 kg

allows agile logistics because it can be managed by a single person

Noble materials

Carbon fiber and kevlar hull combines lightness with strength and impact resistance

Draft of only 20 cm

to be used even in shallow and very shallow waters

Large load compartment

Extended batteries can be used alongside the instrumentation for an operating autonomy of up to 12 hours

Large watertight cover

Extended batteries can be used alongside the instrumentation for an operating autonomy of up to 12 hoursOffers easy access to the instrumentation to set up and maintain the instrumentation with comfort

2 side electric motors

ensure smooth navigation and easy to maneuver and steer

Autopilot with range over 2 km

controlled by a long-range WI-FI network made completely “in house” by Codevintec with the most reliable technology on the market

Wide range of set-up possibilities

it can be equipped with instrumentation for scientific investigations: silkworm surveys with Siglebeam and Multibeam, morphological surveys with SidesCan Sonar, multiparametric probes for chemical and physical measurement of water, ADCP correntometric surveys.

CK-14 is a marine drone fully configurable on all hydrographic survey needs. It can be equipped with single or multibeam echo sounders for bathymetry even at very high resolution, side scan sonar for images of the seabed, ADCP for river flows, multi-parameter probes with winch for profiling. But also sub bottom profilers, lidar and much more.

It is perfect for the most commonly used configuration that is composed of a multibeam echo sounder and its accessory instrumentation for its correct operation, such as the inertial platform integrated with GPS and the probe for continuous measurement of the speed of sound in water. However, the large load capacity makes it also suitable for carrying out several jobs at the same time and customized configurations have already been created with the assembly of different investigation tools.

Size:  140x90x35 cm
Weight: 15 kg
Draft: 18cm
Moon Pool: 33x27cm
Playloads: 40kg
Performance Maximum speed: 4 knots
Typical speed: 3 knots
Hi-Speed option for speed
up to 6 knots
Power Supply Two power lines
independent for drone and payload
Two separate 12 and 24 Volt lines
per payload
4S, 15C, Li-polymer batteries
16,000mA low self-discharge
Navigation autonomy of 10 hours
(payload dependent)
Remote control 2.4 Ghz radio control, 6 channels
independent, 30 memories
programmable, integrated display
Intel PC standard payload integrated with system
Windows 10 operating system
GNSS receiver
Optional payload Sextant autopilot with console
7″ touchscreen
4G communication
CTD sensors, magnetometers, probes
GNSS positioning RTK, GNSS
Compass, MRU, INS
Integration with instrumentation
of third parties possible after verification