Water Survey Tech

Product Detail


  • Camera-based measurement system for acquisition of the surface velocity profile and water level
  • Direct calculation of the discharge
  • Non-intrusive measurement method using only one sensor (camera)
  • Data storage and remote transmission of measurement data and images
  • Intelligent alarm management

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Simple installation: The weatherproof IP-camera and the sensor controlled infrared beamer can be mounted easily on e.g. a water gauge station, a mast, concrete constructions or a bridge. The process unit can be housed in a water gauge station or in a protective case. Elaborate and expensive installations in the water are no longer required.

No flow tracers required: A special feature of the measuring system is that no flow tracers need to be added for flow velocity detection. The DischargeKeeper operates on visible moving surface structures, although naturally occurring floating objects on the water surface (e.g. leaves) enhance the measurement signal.

Representative measurement: Unlike other non-intrusive sensor types (such as radar), the Discharge-Keeper delivers a flow rate measurement (profiling) on the entire surface of the image section. This provides a representative and spatially resolved flow velocity detection.

Non-intrusive: The optical measuring system DischargeKeeper does not come into contact with the measured medium. A damage of the equipment as a result of siltation, vegetation growth etc. is excluded. Therefore the technology is practically maintenance free.

On-site evaluation: All DischargeKeeper measurement parameters (water level, velocity profile, and discharge) are collected and processed locally on the measuring site, almost instantaneously.

Smart: DischargeKeeper informs immediately by SMS and/or e-mail when critical system states (e.g.in case of low battery voltage or sensor drift) are reached or when definable thresholds are exceeded or fallen below.

Autonomy: Due to its low power consumption the DischargeKeeper may be operated with a 12 V battery or a small solar panel.

Robust, precise: The DischargeKeeper can also be used under a wide variety of environmental, weather, and lighting conditions.

More than just a sensor: The DischargeKeeper provides both, the required measurement values and proof in the form of HD quality images from the measuring site. In case of doubt, the parameters, such as the water level can be verified using the actual image information. Time-consuming service missions to the measuring site can be reduced or even avoided.

  • Water level control
  • In flowing waters: rivers, canals, wadis
  • In rainwater retention basins, flood retention basins, lakes, reservoirs
Single view:

< 50 m


< 250 m per camera (several cameras possible)


3 MP full HD 1080p PoE IR

Protection class:

IP 66

Frame rate:

30 fps

Night vision:

up to 50 m

Operating system:


Measuring range:

0.2 – 15 m/s

Flow velocity:

< 5 % of measured value*

Water level:

< 1 cm*


< 10 % of measured value*

*) depending on site conditions.

External water level input:

4…20 mA or SHWP/RS 485 or SHWP/RS 232 or SDI-12 (on request)

Data output:

ModBus or 4…20 mA or SHWP/RS 485 or SDI-12

Operating temperature camera:

-10 °C …+50 °C, -40 °C… +50 °C (on request)

Operating temperature central unit:

0 °C…+60 °C, -40 °C…+70 °C (on request)

Storage temperature:

-20 °C… +85 °C

Power supply:

230 V / 12 V, grid or solar power or fuel cell (on request)

Protection housing:

fibre reinforced plastic


at wall or on mast

Mast clamping range:

Deviating clamping ranges cause extra costs!

round Ø 40-190 mm

square 50-150 mm


400 x 600 x 200 mm