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Teledyne RD Instruments StreamPro ADCP

  • 2 MHz broadband ADCP sensor incl. equipment rack for mobile flow measurement
  • Moving boat method
  • Fast and accurate throughput measurements
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth transmission to a tablet PC or notebook

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Efficient, accurate, high resolution:
Owing to the moving boat method, StreamPro can be guided through the measurement section by a rope or a rubber dinghy, etc.. Hereby, the ADCP sensor measures the average flow velocity in different depth cells and water depths. Unlike the point measurement method or verticals procedure, discharge measurement is performed not only in a fraction of the time but also with a very high accuracy and resolution of the flow profile.

The StreamPro can be used in very shallow waters from about 0.1m to 6 m. Mobile flow measurements at low to moderate suspended matter concentrations and flow rates of up to 2 m/s (standard equipment rack) pose no problems for the StreamPro.

The StreamPro configures itself automatically, so the user can immediately start the measurement by entering the water depth and the distance from the shore. With the help of the supplied Software WinRiverII all relevant information (flow profile, current flow, etc.) are provided to the user in a clear form.

Other useful extensions for StreamPro are available to the user immediately or, if necessary, at a later date: Section-by-Section, high-speed equipment rack RiverboatSP (trimaran) for flow rates up to 3.5 m/s.

  • Mobile flow measurement in watercourses with low to medium suspended matter contents from 10 cm to 6m
  • Water level and flow rates of up to 2 m/s (standard equipment rack) or 3.5 m/s (RiverBoatSP equipment rack, option)
Measuring range extension to 6m
Section-by-section measurement
Compass, 2-axis tilt sensor for pitch and roll
High-speed “RiverBoatSP” device rack
USB Bluetooth Adapter, 200m range
A warranty extension for 2 years
Scope of delivery:

ADCP sensor & measurement transducer, floating body, USB Bluetooth adapter (100m range), 8 x 1.5V AA batteries, carrying case, Software WinRiver II1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

ADCP Sensor:

4 cylindrical sensors, Janus-head assembly

Measurement principle:

Acoustic Doppler, Moving Boat

Measuring frequency:



Flow velocity [m/s]

Measuring mode:


Measuring range:

±5m/s 1)

Measuring accuracy:

± 1% of the water velocity realitve to ADCP, ± 0,20cm/s

Profile sector:

0.1 m – 6 m


0.1 cm/s

Measuring cells:

, 1-30

Cell size:

1-20 cm

Beam angle:




Bottom Tracking [m]

Measuring mode:


Measuring range:

0.1 – 7m 3)

Measuring accuracy:

± 1.0% of the over-ground velocity relative to ADCP, ± 2mm





Water depth [m]

Measuring range:

0.1 – 7m 3)

Measuring accuracy:

1% 4)


1 mm

Other sensors:
Temperature Tilt sensor
(Pitch & Roll)
Measuring range:
   -4°C – 45°C           ±90°    0-360 °
Measuring accuracy:
    ±0.5°C           0.3°    ±1°
1) 2m/s for a standard carrier boat, 3.5m/s for the “StreamProSP” carrier boat
2) a good measuring cell (minimum measuring cell) is provided in the “Precision Mode”; Distance measured from the sensor’s
3) valid for even temperature distribution and suspended matter concentration
4) is valid for even temperature and conductivity distribution





Power supply:

8 x 1.5V regular batteries (AA) or rechargeable batteries (AA)


Operating temperature:

-5°C – + 45°C


carrier boat




Total Weight: