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Electric Contact Meter Type KLL

  • Portable hand-held device for determining the current water level up to 500 meters depth
  • Optical and acoustic signal (option) on contact with water
  • Available on hand drum or with a robust aluminum support frame
  • Extensible scope of functionality (basic sensing device, sampling, electric drive, etc.)
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The SEBA KLL electric contact gauge comes in different variants either with or without an aluminum support frame, in cable lengths of 15 m-500 m and with a 14 mm-weight (standard) or 10 mm weight available for the smallest of tube diameters. For electric contact gauges with long cable lengths, there is the possibility of an electrical winch, in order to facilitate or accelerate the winding of the ribbon cable.

The proven SEBA-KLL electric contact gauge has everything that users appreciate for daily, heavy-duty work: a robust, low-wear and therefore long-lasting ribbon cable with easily legible numbering, a smooth measuring tape drum with a locking brake and a stable aluminum frame.

More than just one KLL:
The threaded connection of the electric contact gauge offers its user many additional options and features in addition to contact measurement. Using an optionally available basic button, theelectic contact gauge can be used for depth sounding. For measuring points with high or very low salinity and muddy ground, special weight attachments are also available. If required, a mechanical probe jack can be connected.

  • Monitoring of groundwater measuring sites, wells and shafts
  • Implementation of control / comparison measurements at measuring points with data collectors
  • Adjustment of data collectors and control measurements for pumping tests
  • Depth determination in monitoring wells, fountains, wells and surface waters in conjunction with basic sensing device.
Leather bag
Carrier case
Acoustic signal
Sensing device
Salt water probe cap
Probe cap for high or non-conductive liquids
Loading weight:


Electric drive
mechanical probe jack

Water level [cm], [dm], [m]



Measurement principle:

Electric contact



Stainless steel, nickel-plated brass tip


Ø14mm, length: 175mm, Option: Ø10mm, length: 175mm

Protection class:



An electric water level gauge
Support frame:

Aluminum, surface-coated

Cable drum:

Impact-resistant, temperature-resistant plastic

Protection class:

Drum IP 54





2-core flat cable, polyethylene with stainless steel braids and a copper core


black cm-division, dm-numbering, red meter figures


<1 cm (KLL 100m)


Power supply:

4 x 1.5V alkaline manganese batteries


Operating temperature:

-15°C – 50°C



Depending on cable length, see the KLL Brochure