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Conductivity multi level measuring chain type MPS-TEC

  • Robust, maintenance-free multiparameter probes (MPS) made of 1.4539 stainless steel
  • Multi-level measurements of temperature (T) and electrical conductivity (EC)
  • Slim design (Ø 22 mm) for observation wells down to 1“diameter
  • Available with up to 7 conductivity segments and individual cable lengths
  • Compatible with all SEBA data logger (UnilogComLogComSlimlogCom…)
  • Upgrade with pressure sensor for water level measurements
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Optimized for multilevel measurements of temperature and conductivity in groundwater and surface water. In addition to the conductivity measurement, the parameters salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS) and water density can be calculated for each MPS-TEC segment.


Individually configurable:
The MPS-TEC conductivity chain can be adjusted to the individual measuring task. Two up to seven MPS-TEC segments can be configured to the required measuring depths with appropriate cable lengths.


High quality 4-electrode conductivity measuring cell. The MPS-TEC segments of the conductivity chain have a automatic subdivision of measuring ranger (0-0.2 mS/cm; 0.2-2 mS/cm; 2-20 mS/cm; 20-200 mS/cm), which ensures that the best possible resolution is always available, even with large fluctuations in the measuring range.


Robust and reliable:
Stainless steel housing made of 1.4539 can be used in extreme environmental conditions (landfills, contaminated sites, brackish water, etc.)


User-friendly and modular:
With SEBAConfigApp (Android, iOS) and the SEBA BlueCon you can communicate comfortably via Bluetooth with a smartphone or tablet with the logger. Using the plug-in module SlimCom for remote data transmission, the measurement chain can be upgraded to an online station. Easy connection to all SEBA data collectors (RS485) or process control systems (MODBUS, 0 / 4-20 mA).

  • Redundant long-term monitoring of temperature and conductivity in groundwater and surface water
  • Spatio-temporal high-resolution observation of the saltwater intrusion dynamics, e.g. in coastal aquifer systems
  • Precise salinity monitoring of saline groundwater
Strain-relief segment for each conductivity segment
SEBA BlueCon Bluetooth-Interface
Data logger:

SlimLogComLogCom/FlashCom, Unilog-family


MPS-TEC Segment

Parameter Temperature [°C]

NTC30 with polynomial linearization

Measuring principle:


Measurement range:

-5 °C…+50 °C


0,1 °C


Parameter Conductivity [μS/cm], [mS/cm]
Derived parameter:

salinity, density [g/l], total dissolved solids (TDS) [g/l]


4-pole with automatic compensation for contamination

Measurement range:

0-200 mS/cm (total)

Automatic subdivision of measuring range:

0-200 μS/cm; 0,2-2 mS/cm; 2-20 mS/cm; 20-200 mS/cm


0.03 μS/cm; 0.3 μS/cm; 3 μS/cm; 30 μs/cm


+/- 1 μS/cm for 0–200 μS/cm measuring range

+/- 0.5 % for 0.2–200 mS measuring range

Pressure range:

0…50 bar


Housing MPS-TEC segment:

1.4539 Stainless steel (salt water resistant)


Ø 22 mm, Lenght: 340 mm

Protection class:

Probe: IP 68; RS 485-Interface: IP 67


RS 485 (SHWP) standard

Power supply:

4-15 VDC

Operating temperature:

-5 °C…+50 °C (not freezing)


screened special measuring cable


Strain-relief for each segment