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  • 600 kHz broadband ADCP sensor incl. equipment rack (trimaran) for mobile flow measurement
  • Moving boat method
  • Sonar for bottom tracking
  • Automatic cell resizing and sensor configuration
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth transmission to a tablet PC or notebook

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Efficient, accurate, high resolution:
Using the moving boat method, RiverRay can continuously be driven over the measurement cross-section on a rope or a rubber dinghy, etc.. Hereby, the ADCP sensor measures the average flow velocity in different depth cells and water depths. Unlike the point measurement method or verticals procedure, discharge measurement is performed not only in a fraction of the time but also with a very high accuracy and resolution of the flow profile.

The high-performance 600 kHz broadband ADCP sensor is the first choice, especially during floods and high-sediment transport. Where all conventional measuring methods or ADCPs reach their limits, RiverRay measures precisely and reliably from 0.4 -60 m water depth.

RiverPro automatically detects the optimal measurement mode, so the user can immediately start measuring after entering the distance from the bank/shore. The division of the cell sizes is also carried out fully automatically and it varies depending on the water depth. With the help of the supplied Software WinRiver II all relevant information (flow profile, current flow, etc.) are provided to the user in a clear form.

Optimised equipment rack:
The RiverPro trimaran has a particularly favourable flow design, which is beneficial both at very low and high flow rates. The hull of the center piece contains plenty of storage space to protect the battery, the ADCP sensor and the further components (e.g. radio modems, GPS) against moisture and flotsam. The two cantilevers of the trimaran can be folded in a few simple steps, thus facilitating convenient transportation of RiverRay.

Other useful extensions for RiverRay are immediately available to the user or, if necessary, at a later date: Section-by-Section, Q-Boat (equipment rack with a motor drive and remote control), external GPS.

  • Mobile flow measurement in rivers with high suspended matter of about 0.40 to 60 m water depth (bathymetry of 0.3-100 m) and flow rates of 5 m/s (standard), up to max. +/- 20 m/s
Section-by-section measurement
External GPS (e.g. Trimble)
“Riverboat” high-speed device support
Q-Boat (motorised equipment rack with remote control)
USB Bluetooth Adapter, 200/300/1000m range
A warranty extension for 2 years
Scope of delivery:

ADCP sensor

Device support (trimaran)

12V, 7.2 Ah lead gel battery

USB Bluetooth Adapter (100m range)

5m connection cable

Transporter containers for ADCP sensor

Software WinRiver II, 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

ADCP Sensor:

steerable phased sensor field, Janus-head assembly

Measurement principle:

Acoustic Doppler, Moving Boat

Measuring frequency:



Flow velocity [m/s]

Measuring mode:

Broadband, pulsed-coherent, automatic

Measuring range:

±5m/s (Standard), ±20m/s max.

Measuring accuracy:

± 0.25% of the water velocity realitve to ADCP, ± 0.25cm

Profile sector:

0.4 – 60m 1)


0.1 cm/s

Measuring cells:

25 typical, maximum 200 (automatically)

Cell size:

10-80 cm (automatically)

Beam angle:




Bottom Tracking

Measuring mode:


Speed ​​range:


Depth range:

0.4-100m 2)

Measuring accuracy:

± 0.25% of ground speed realitve to ADCP, ± 2mm





Depth measurement

Measuring range:

0.3m – 100m 2)

Measuring accuracy:

±1% 3)


1 mm 4)


Vertical sensor
Measurement principle:

600kHz, ultrasound


Depth measurement [m]

Measuring range:

0.2m – 80m

Measuring accuracy:

±1% 4)


1 mm 3)

Other sensors:
Temperature Tilt sensor
(Pitch & Roll)
Measuring range:
 -5°C – 45°C           ±90°    0-360 °
Measuring accuracy:
    ±0.4°C           0.3° ±2° 5)
1) A good measuring cell (= 10cm) provided; distance measured from the sensor surface
2) Actual range depends on temperature distribution and concentration of suspended matter
3) As valid for even temperature and conductivity distribution
4) For average depth data
5) Applies to tilt values ​​<+/-70° and angle of incidence <70°
Communication interface:



Radio modems, range up to 30km within line of sight (option)


Internal Memory



Power supply:

12V, 7.2 Ah lead-acid battery for 40h operating time


Operating temperature:

-5°C – + 45°C


Carrier boat:

Trimaran (floating bodies with crossbar folding system)





Weight trimaran:


Total Weight:

17kg (incl. sensor and battery)