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Product Detail


  • Portable measuring instrument with a magnetic inductive flow sensor for mobile flow measurement on a Ø 20mm wing rod
  • Point measuring method (detection of point velocities in the measuring verticals)
  • Battery-powered handheld terminal with a large LCD and operated by keypad
  • FlowFlat sensor for use from 5 cm water level (optional

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The FlowSens is a universal device for mobile flow measurement. Thanks to the electromagnetic measurement principle, FlowSens can be used where hydrological measuring vanes or Doppler measurement systems reach their limits, for example, at low flow rates, in heavily weedy waters and watercourses with low suspended matter content. Even under extreme operating conditions, FlowSens provides excellent measurement results. Changes in conductivity have no influence on the measurement. Ideal for measurements at very low water depths from 5 cm, a special flat sensor head (FlowFlat) is available.

The compact control unit with large, illuminated LCD and a 6-key operation pad allows for both rapid and convenient programming and a very good legibility of the current flow rate, the mean values and the standard deviation.

  • Mobile flow measurement in watercourses (rivers, streams, canals) and partly filled pipes from 5 cm (Flat-Flow) and flow rates up to 5 m/s
  • Applications in heavily overgrown waters and, for watercourses with low suspended matter content (e.g. spring discharges, mountain streams, etc.)
Scope of delivery:
  • Magnetic-inductive sensor
  • 5 m sensor cable
  • Operator terminal
  • Transport case
  • Ø20mm wing bar
  • Data readout: RS232 interface cable
  • Evaluation software: Software Q 3.1