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Measuring data logger Dipper-PT Relative pressure

  • High-performance 32 bit measurement data collector optimised for water-level and temperature monitoring in ground and surface waters
  • XL ring memory for approximately 1,120,000 measurement data
  • Sturdy, sleek Ø 22 mm stainless-steel case
  • Accurate, long-term stable ceramic-capacitive pressure sensor of a max. 300 m measurement range
  • NTC30 temperature sensor with 0.3 °C (standard) or 0.1 °C (option) accuracy
  • Replaceable lithium batteries for about 8-10 years service life
  • Operation with notebook, tablet, PC, smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® (optional)
  • Expandable with data transmission module SlimCom 4G and SlimCom IoT-LR

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32-bit microprocessor with 16 MB of memory for 1,120,000 readings

Virtually maintenance free:
A battery change is not necessary, and so ongoing operating costs are not incurred.

Installation using 1″ tube diameter (probe)

For each measuring task – a suitable measurement routine: single value measurement, average value measurement, event control (swelling mode, Delta Mode), flow calculation (W/Q table, polynomial).

Accurate and reliable:

  • Water level: 0.05 % Measurement accuracy (= 1 cm at 20 m measuring range)
  • A wide selection of ceramic capacitive pressure transducers from 0.2 bar to 30 bar
  • Temperature: 0.3 °C (standard), 0.1 °C (optional)

Stainless steel housing 1.4404 (standard) and 1.4539 (option); can also be used under extreme environmental conditions (landfills, contaminated sites, brackish water etc.)

2-step, permanent flood protection up to 3 m water column

Two clever APPs are available for configuration and data read-out of the Dipper-PT. Operating software for beginners SEBAConfig (Windows) a user-friendly interface (Wizard) for various routine tasks. SEBAConfigApp (Android, iOS) and BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth® module) can be conveniently combined for configuration and data collection of Dipper-PT via Bluetooth® with a smartphone or tablet.

The data transmission module SlimCom can be combined with Dipper-PT to transmit the data directly to your workstation. For measuring tasks with short recording intervals starting from 1 second (e.g. for pumping tests) the use of an external power pack module is recommended.

  • Groundwater monitoring in wells, field measurement sites and landfill sites
  • Monitoring of pumping tests
  • Surface water-level monitoring in rivers, streams, channels, springs, flood retention basins, lakes, reservoirs …
Operating software:

SEBAConfig (Windows)

SEBAConfigApp (Android, iOS)

Operating Unit:


Data readout:

Interface Converter (RS 485/USB)

BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth®), RS485

External power supply:

Power Pack

Remote data transmission:


Measuring device protection:

SEBA Bearing Tube Closure with a safety lock

Evaluation software:


Archiving Software:



Water level [cm], [m]


Relative pressure probe

Measurement principle:

Capacitive ceramic measuring cell

Measuring range:

0-2/1/4/5/20/40/100/200/300 m water column or according to specifications

Measuring accuracy:

± 0.05 % FS

Long-term stability:

± 0.1 % / year



Water temperature [°C]


NTC30 with polynomial linearisation

Measurement principle:

NTC resistance

Measuring range:

-5 °C – +50 °C

Measuring accuracy:

0,3 °C Standard, 0,1 °C Option



32Bit Flash controller with integrated WatchDog

RTC-IC Real-Time Clock

Memory capacity:

16 MB (= 1,120,000 readings)

Save interval:

30 s – 99 hours, standard, from 1s in the quick-log mode, option


max. 32 (e.g. water level, temperature, battery voltage)

Measurement routines:

Single value, Average value, Event clock, Delta mode, Pumping test control


RS485 (with protective cap and moisture absorber)


Interface Converter (RS 485/USB)

BlueCon 2 (Bluetooth®)



1.4404 Standard Stainless Steel or 1.4539 High-Grade Stainless Steel (optional)


Ø 22 mm, length: 300 mm

Protection class:

Probe: IP68

RS485 interface: IP67 (immersion depth with a desiccant cartridge up to 3 m, depending on cable length)


Power supply:

2 x 3.6 V lithium AA batteries


Service Life:

> 8 years at 60min intervals


Operating temperature:

-5 °C – +60 °C (non-freezing)


Hanging depth:

Up to 1,000 m


Suspension unit:

Independently of the diameter for SEBA caps from the 2″ pipe diameter, standard

diameter-dependent suspending boards for SEBA caps from 2″ pipe diameter, optional


Measuring device protection:

Protective caps for the RS485 interface (dust and moisture protection)



Specially reinforced measuring cable with Goretex membrane pressure-compensation line.

Desiccant cartridge with silica gel for protection of the pressure-compensation line.



External battery supply for Dipper-PT, recommendation for the quick-log mode


Power Pack

1.4404 standard stainless steel, 1.4539 high-grade stainless steel (optional)


Ø 35 mm, length: 345 mm

Protection class:


Power supply:

4 x 1.5 V alkaline manganese batteries

Service Life:

24 days at 1 second intervals