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Q-Boat 1250

  • Motorised, cost-efficient equipment rack with remote control for various ADCP sensors (StreamPro, RiverPro und RiverRay)
  • Collapsible sliding crossbar and lightweight for easy handling and convenient transportation to and from the deployment site
  • Modularly expandable with DGPS
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Versatile applications: Bridges or cable crane systems are not always available for ADCP measurements. The motorised Q-Boat 1250 with remote control function bridges this gap and places the survey team in the position to carry out highly efficient flow measurements at almost any location.

Easy handling: The lightweight and collapsible sliding crossbar boat enables an easy handling and an uncomplicated transportation to and from the measuring site.

Measuring without risk: Work safety first! Often there is a high risk of injury or death, as in manned boat trips. The Q-Boat 1250 constitutes an interesting option here and allows flow measurements even and especially in the border area.

Optimised: The Q-Boat 1250 offers enough space to accommodate the ADCP sensor (optional StreamPro, RiverPro, RiverRay) and other components, such as a GPS smart antenna.

Mobile flow measurement regardless of bridges and cable crane systems, for flow rates up to 2,3 m/s

Typical Cruising Speed

1 1-1.5 m/s (3.3-5.0 fps)

Top Speed

2.3 m/sec (7.5 ft/sec)

Hull Length

127 cm (50“)

Width (extended)

94 cm (37“)

Width (transport)

64 cm (25“)

Height (no instrument)

32 cm (12.5“)

Weight (no instrument)

18 kg (40 lbs)

Weight (typical instrument)

22 kg (48 lbs)

Battery Endurance

1.0 m/s: ~4 hours, 1.5 m/s: >1 hour

Payload (typical)

4.5 kg (10 lbs)


3 @ 24 V, 4.5 AH NiMH Battery Packs


2 x Brushless DC Thrusters

Hull Material

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel

R/C Control
Control Modes

3: Left Throttle/Right Steer; Right Throttle/Left Steer; Dual Throttle


Omni Directional


750 m

RF Scheme



2.4 GHz

Compatible ADCPs RD Instruments

StreamPro, RiverRay and RiverPro ADCPs


One year

Power Management Module
Inputs 2


Communications Bluetooth

300 m range


14.4 V, 4.5 Ah


10-12 hours