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Stork Remote System

Stork Remote System (SRS) has been designed to allow Teledyne RDI StreamPro ADCP users to perform discharge measurements in streams, rivers and lakes easier and faster, without even entering the water.

Easy to mount, plug&play set of two thrusters, battery package and R/C controller. Changing your standard tethered float into Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) will take only few minutes.

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SRS is a set of dedicated thrusters mountings and battery compartment – both ideally fits a standard StreamPro ADCP float. No custom works required, no bolts, no permanent modification. Transforming your tethered boat into USV will take only 5 minutes and you can detach it easily if needed.

SRS uses highly robust and powerful Blue Robotics T200 thrusters. Field proved on thousands of marine robotic vehicles. Remote control transmitter uses 2.4GHz frequency and allows to steer for more than 100m.

SRS can save your survey time by eliminating the need of perfect location, use of tethered line or looking for a bridge for deployment. This also affects your own safety by reducing the need of going into the water. The complete package is light, user friendly and affordable.

Typical cruse speed 1.0 m/s
Top speed 1.5 m/s
Weight 2kg with R/C control
Power 20.5V
Battery performance 1.5h of continuous operation with typical cruise speed
Thrusters 2 x T200 Blue Robotics thrusters
Material Z-Ultrat/PET-G
R/C control Frsky-RC
R/C frequency 2.4 GHz
R/C range Over 100m
Warranty 12 months
SRS package includes set of two thrusters mountings with T200 thrusters, battery compartment mounting, cabling, battery and charger, R/C controller, shockproof case