Water Survey Tech

Product Detail


  • High-tech, low-cost and user-friendly technology for scalable discharge measurements
  • Measure water level, surface velocity and discharge with a smartphone in less than a minute
  • Setup a measurement station in less than 1 hour
  • Calculations are done in the smartphone with the DischargeApp, no internet coverage required
  • Error-free data transmission to the cloud
  • Intuitive visualization, analysis and management using the DischargeWeb

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Innovative technology: Low-cost and high-tech smartphone application providing fast and accurate measurements of water level, surface velocity and volumetric flow rate or discharge.

Versatile: The DischargeApp allows to measure flows in any kind of open channels and streams, like natural rivers, irrigation furrows or sewer networks, under different flow conditions.


Fast: A site can be set up in less than 1 hour. Performing a measurement takes less than a minute.


Robust measurements: Every measurement provides the user with the water level, the velocity at the surface of the water and the discharge. The discharge obtained is computed by considering the whole velocity field at the surface of the water body, which strongly contributes to the accuracy measurement.


Scalable: Once that a station is setup, other users can perform measurements, which allows to collect more data.


Non-intrusive: The DischargeApp extracts velocity information form the structures at the water surface. It does not rely on any chemical or particle tracers. This also make this measurement technology safe for usage during flood events, during which gauging by entering the water would be too dangerous.


Proof image: Every measurement comes with a proof image.


Rating curve: Use the measured water level and discharge data to build site specific rating curves.


Error-free transmission: Data transmission is done automatically, avoiding errors while collecting data.


More than a measurement device: Once the measurement is performed, upload it to the DischargeWeb platform to visualize, share and export the data.

  • Mobile flow measurement in natural flowing waters as well as in open irrigation and sewage canals